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Vote November 7th


Republican Assembly of Charlotte County

The Republican Assembly of Charlotte County proudly endorses Debi Lux for city council. She has demonstrated a desire for structured growth with a common sense approach to local city government. It is imperative that all citizens in the city of Punta Gorda get to the polls and vote for Debi Lux. Early voting begins on October 9th. Election day is November 7th. Check with the Supervisor of Election website for your polling location. Let's keep Punta Gorda a desirable place to live, work and play.


Amira Fox

State Attorney, 20th Judicial Circuit, serving Charlotte, Lee, Collier, Hendry, and Glades


"I am pleased to endorse Deborah Lux in her candidacy for Punta Gorda City Council.  Her unwavering dedication and commitment to serving our community are truly outstanding.  Throughout the past decade, Deborah has consistently displayed a tremendous work ethic and passion in her tireless efforts with Honor Flight.  I have no doubt that she will bring these qualities to the Punta Gorda City Council, further benefitting our community."

Amira D. Fox 

Amira Fox
Sheriff Carmine Marceno

Lee County Sheriff

"Deborah Lux has my support to be your next councilperson. Her dedication and passion to enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda will be a welcomed change."

"Debi Lux has a unique understanding of both safety and health issues that will serve her well in representing the citizens of Punta Gorda, she has my full support!"

Bob Rommel

Florida House of Representatives

"I have known Debi for a number of years.  She has demonstrated leadership in our community and in her professional life and personal life.  As a dentist she was always willing to give back to our community and as a leader in honoring those who have served our country.  Debi has been a strong supporter of the Honor Flight which is an amazing journey for our veterans who wish to visit all the memorials in Washington D.C.  I know Debi will continue her strong leadership as a councilwoman and am proud to support her." 

Bob Rommel
Cecil Pendergrass

Lee County Commissioner

"Debi's community involvement will benefit ALL the citizens of Punta Gorda as we grow as a community!"

Cecil Pendergrass
Rafael Lopez

Councilmember, Village of Estero

"Dr. Lux shows over a decade of community service, including service to our great country.  She will make an excellent Councilmember."

Rafael Lopez
Timothy B. Towles

Luxury Home Builder

"I am very happy to be able to endorse Deborah Lux in her candidacy for Punta Gorda City Council.  I have found Debi to be persistent in her endeavors and think she will use this energy to improve the Punta Gorda community.  Debi has my full support to be your next councilwoman as she will bring her many life experiences and skills to better our community."

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 7.19.01 AM.png
C. Michael Polk, III

Attorney, Property Appraiser


"Dr. Debi Lux is the only candidate with the courage, strength and ability to make intelligent and informed decisions that will impact our city’s future. She has studied and is knowledgeable about the land development regulations (LDRs) and is able to apply those to any development plans being initiated. These codes affect the everyday lives of the people who reside in our city, and we need leaders at the helm who can make rational decisions that will have an everlasting impact on the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. Debi Lux is that person!

The Polks.jpeg

While other municipalities are limiting building heights and densities (Estero, Venice, Stuart, Palm Beach County, Bonita Springs and Fernandina Beach), the City of Punta Gorda is raising the building height and density to an unprecedented level.

Punta Gorda has experienced the success it has had for decades, due to its small-town feel and charm. While our current city council is encouraging 100’ buildings and incompatible densities, Debi Lux is committed to maintaining the small-town feel we all fell in love with when we decided to live in Punta Gorda. She is determined to implement the will of the people, rather than the will of land developers.

I am honored to endorse Dr. Debi Lux for Punta Gorda City Council. Her unwavering commitment to preserving Punta Gorda is exactly what we need in our leadership positions.



C. Michael Polk, III

C. Michael Polk & Assoc., MAI, SRA, CCIM, Esquire"

Rick Brown

TDIU USAF, Retired Business Owner


Following her honorable discharge as a dental officer in the US Navy, Debi became a small business owner in Florida for over two decades. Throughout her professional career, she has displayed a tremendous commitment to being actively involved in our community.


Debi is a proponent of fiscally conservative values and advocates for appropriate growth with a strong emphasis on infrastructure compliance.


Her vision of development incorporates environmental and social considerations to create a thriving community that benefits everyone.


As a small business owner in the airline industry and a retired totally disabled Vietnam and Iraq pilot in the USAF, I fully support and endorse Debi Lux as our next councilperson.

frederick w. “rick” brown .jpg
C.J. Metcalfe

Veteran Advocate / Liaison, Punta Gorda


"As a veteran advocate in the local community, it is always a special pleasure when local veterans stand out in our community.  Not only have they served our country well, but they continue to give after their military service.  Dr. Deborah Lux is a shining veteran, who not only had an admirable career in Florida, but after retirement she continues to give to her community.  Her creation of Honor Flight in Lee-Collier county is an admirable feat.  It shows her willingness to give of her time to support those veterans around her.  I have watched her get involved in our Punta Gorda community.  She cares about the people and wants their voices heard.  She studies and researches  issues in city government so she can confidently speak to our leaders.  I totally support Dr. Deborah Lux in her ongoing efforts, including running for a City Council position.  It is people like her that we need to channel through."

Sue Randall

Owner, Tamiami Tavern


"I have finally encountered an individual who possesses astute comprehension of small business affairs, allowing them to consider the complete perspective before arriving at logical conclusions. I wholeheartedly support Debi Lux as she intends to utilize her expertise to ensure appropriate decision-making for the betterment of both our business and residential communities."

Sue Randall.jpg
Richard Wobbe

Local Artist and Entrepreneur


"Why do I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Deborah Lux?


Authenticity is sorely lacking in the world of politics. However, when I gaze at the photo featuring myself alongside our dear friends Byron Donalds, Drew Steele, Doc Debi Lux, and Jeannine Polk, I am struck by the genuine nature of these individuals. Throughout all the years I have known her, Doc has consistently emanated a radiant light, unwavering in her true self.

Lux, Wobbe, Donalds, Steele, Polk.jpg

To Doc, I convey this message: remain steadfast in your authenticity, for we all recognize and deeply appreciate you for it. Regardless of the circumstances, never compromise your morals for the sake of recognition or self-indulgence. Your gift is truly remarkable, and it is important that you embrace it wholeheartedly.


Pride stands as the greatest transgression of humanity, and we are all susceptible to its grip to some extent. I, more than others, am guilty of it. These honorable men and women, including yourself, will never forsake their faith, and I have no doubt that you share the same unwavering commitment. As you ascend to the role of councilperson, which I firmly believe you will, you will face numerous challenges and trials. Stay dedicated to serving the people, as you have always done. Strive for the highest pinnacles, for we truly need your presence in this ongoing battle.


Rest assured that I am praying for you, as you hold a special place in my heart."

Sean Lux


"Debi is an amazing woman who always follows through on what she says she is going to do, which is a difficult quality to find in a person.  When she puts her mind to something she accomplishes it.  She is beyond dedicated to do what she can to serve the residents of Punta Gorda."

Debi and Sean
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